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MyNI is your hub for Northern Ireland Climate Action for local environmental and global climate change issues, with top tips on how you can make a difference right away.

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In the 1960’s scientists working in labs around the world were discovering that the carbon dioxide created by human activity had the potential to cause a warming effect on the planet. A subsequent prediction asserted that we would begin to experience these effects, most noticeably in our weather as we entered the twenty-first century. Some sixty years later we now know that ‘warming effect’ as climate change. We’ve gone from the theory to the reality – fairly quickly as it happens. In fact ten of the hottest years on record have been recorded since the year 2000.

Climate Heroes are going the extra mile to make changes for Nature and for a healthy and prosperous future in Northern Ireland. They’re helping to cut carbon emissions and helping to ease the pressures on Nature.

We want to hear your Climate Hero story.

At MyNI, we believe we can all learn to live a more sustainable life. We’re calling upon the MyNI community to consider the increasing pressures we are all putting upon Nature. What can we do to ease or even remove these pressures?

Waste is a resource, not rubbish.

Tim Walker, Acting CEO of arc21, has worked in Government and local council waste services for over 30 years.

He is extremely passionate about waste and offers his considered thoughts on how we can transition to a more circular economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by landfill, and protect the earth’s precious natural resources.

Terracycle East Belfast

Terracycle East Belfast began in early 2019 with an intriguing chat about recycling empty crisp packets.

Did you know that many of our daily activities create carbon emissions which contribute to climate change? The good news is that nature provides us with climate change solutions to help us change our ways. Many are really easy to do, can save you money and make a big difference.

Like instead of plugging into conventional electricity that burns fossil fuels and contributes to climate change, consider ‘plugging into Nature’ by switching to a 100% renewable energy supplier that uses solar and wind energy to generate electricity.

Types of weather including wind; rain; heat; clouds, snow.

Does climate change affect the weather?

Northern Ireland recorded it’s hottest day ever this summer. Extreme weather events, all around the world, are occurring with greater frequency. Can we make a connection between climate change and the weather?

6 ways you can help fight climate change

Addressing the global issue of climate change isn’t just the responsibility of governments, we can all play our part as individuals.

We will show you how to make small changes in your daily life that will collectively add up to reduce your carbon footprint.

technology to fight climate change

How technology can help fight climate change

How we’ve lived our lives has affected our planet. We can no longer sit back and ignore a problem that is escalating. Our planet is heating up and with it the climate is becoming more and more erratic. Can we fix what has become a human problem?

At MyNI, we believe we can all learn to live a more sustainable life. We’re calling upon the MyNI community to consider the increasing pressures we are all putting upon Nature. What can we do to ease or even remove these pressures?

COP 15 – Biological Diversity

The 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Convention on Biological Diversity will take place in Kunming, China, from 11-24 October 2021.
COP 15 will set out the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, including a new set of goals for nature over the next decade.

We all know the importance of looking after ourselves. But did you know that looking after yourself can benefit our natual world? And that any improvements to our natural world can in turn benefit our health?

How air pollution is affecting the environment

Air pollution is recognised as a major cause of biodiversity loss UK-wide affecting a range of habitats and species, including at sensitive, protected sites. Learn how air pollution is affecting these sites in Northern Ireland and how it’s being managed.

The MyNI Community

We are proud of the MyNI community, and like to think of each and every one of you as part of our planet-earth loving team.

We have been equally inspired by the actions of individuals living in Northern Ireland trying to do their bit for the environment as we have by the pretty amazing organisations working to help make us all more aware of the impact of climate change at a local level.

MyNI believes we can all achieve so much more by coming together and sharing our thoughts, actions and social content. This is the space where you can see what’s happening, who is doing it, how you can get involved and maybe even get some inspiration to do your bit too!