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8 shocking facts about plastic pollution

Share these 8 shocking facts about plastic pollution with your friends, family, colleagues, and social media followers. Encourage them to do something in their lives that will help reduce plastic poll...

Beef Up Your Beef Business - Healthy Cattle - Healthy Profits!

Every business needs to keep up to speed with change, and beef farming is no exception. Faced with increasing challenges, beef and livestock farming has a growing number of responsibilities that will...

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  • Students, what does your future hold?

    We know you're always thinking about your futures - jobs, money, houses. But what about the future of the world? If we don't stop or reduce our use of plastics, the future may not be too rosy.
  • Saying no to plastic with the #OneSmallThingMyNI campaign

    Our #onesmallthingMyNI campaign will highlight some of the small things we can do every day to help reduce our use of plastic. We’d love you to join in and show us what you’re doing to reduce plastic...
  • #OneSmallThingMyNI - Social Media Round Up

    Hashtag Round Up of the MyNI #OneSmallThingMyNI campaign to reduce plastic use in Northern Ireland.
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    Boosting your own wellbeing is not only good for you, it’s good for others too. Here are four things you can do to share the joy in your local community in Northern Ireland - and beyond.
  • The problem with plastic...

    Sadly plastic pollution can now be found in every beach and many freshwater rivers and lakes across the world and every day approximately 8 MILLION pieces of plastic pollution end up in the oceans. So...
  • What is the Pain Toolkit?

    Persistent pain is difficult to understand and manage on a daily basis. Pete Moore, a pain sufferer himself, developed the Pain Toolkit to provide you with tips, skills and information to support you...
  • 4 easy ways to reduce plastic every day

    Here are 4 easy ways you can make changes that will help you remove single-use plastics from your daily life.
  • What types of plastic bottle can I recycle?

    More and more people are recycling but we still only recycle 58% of our plastic bottles – that's a 42% gap. If you are already recycling some of the plastic you buy - thank-you! Now let's take the nex...
  • Is this the last (plastic) straw?

    It feels a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? The scale of the problem. You’re probably thinking how can I make a difference? You have much more power than you realise. You can create less demand for plast...
  • Quiz - Fact or Fiction?

    There are a few common myths about food waste recycling - can you separate the facts from fiction in our fun quiz?
  • How local Healthy Living Centres are helping people with chronic pain.

    We spoke to Tony Doherty, Regional Coordinator, of the Healthy Living Centre Alliance about the work they do and how they are planning to help people living with chronic pain across Northern Ireland.
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    This Newtownards woman with endometriosis wants people in Northern Ireland to talk about their invisible illnesses.