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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Food Waste Recycling in Northern Ireland

Time 2 min read · May 21, 2019

By Shirley Swift

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Food Waste Recycling in Northern Ireland

1. Recycled Food Waste

10 Things you didn’t know about recycled food waste, that includes potato peelings, egg shells, carrot tops and more is turned into compost.

2. Recycling Reduces Chemical Fertilisers

Recycled food compost reduces the need for chemical fertilisers, and improves the soil. This has a long-term impact on our environment including our water supply.

3. Local Parks Use Local Compost

The parks that you enjoy throughout Northern Ireland use recycled food compost to help the flowers grow and flourish. If you separate your food waste for recycling, you can be pleased with yourself next time you go out for a walk. Those flowers are better because of you.

4. Stop Food Waste Going to Landfill Sites

Wasted food used to go into landfill. Landfill sites can be detrimental to our environment. Methane and carbon dioxide gases released by food waste pollute our air and are bad for our environment. That rotten eggs smell can become commonplace.

5. Local Businesses are Playing Their Part

Businesses that produce 50kg or more of food waste a week are now legally obliged to recycle it. The offices you work in, the restaurants and shops that you visit or work in are playing their part in recycling.

6. Now Smaller Businesses Have to Recycle Too

Smaller businesses producing from 5-50 kg also have to recycle their food waste.

7. Local Councils are There to Help

The Northern Ireland Government and local councils are constantly working for you to improve our environment. Each council has a person responsible for recycling and they can help you.

8. Yuk

The “Yuk” factor is one of the reasons people give for not recycling food waste. Most people who mention the “Yuk” factor have never recycled food to try it out, and are imagining the worst. The worst is the fact that our environment is being badly damaged if we don’t recycle our food waste.

9. You Can Get New Bin Liners at Your Local Centres

You can get refills of food waste bin liner bags at your local Leisure or Community Centres in most Council areas. Take a look at how Ards and North Down are working to help improve the recycling in their area.

10. Download the Bin-Ovation App to Help Your Recycling

Recycling can be confusing – one of the biggest barriers to recycling is accessing information. If you have a smartphone you can download the Bin-Ovation App which helps you understand what you can do to help your environment. 

Things You Didn’t Know About


Get the Bin-Ovation App

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The Greatest List, Food waste

If your rubbish bin is overflowing with leftovers, vegetable peelings, and tea bags, why not put it on a diet? It’s easy to do. Recycling your food waste instead of putting it in the bin only takes a little effort and is an easy way to help protect the environment and save your local council money they can spend on local services.


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