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4 Simple Habits For Happier Living

Time 2 min read · May 21, 2019

4 Simple Habits For Happier Living

4 Simple habits for happier living by boosting your own wellbeing which is not only good for you, it’s good for others too. Here are four things you can do to share the joy in your local community in Northern Ireland – and beyond.

1. Do things for others

Wherever you live, there are people nearby who are in need of company or just a pair of hands. Check the site to find out who needs help in your area. Or call round to see an elderly person and offer to shop, cook or do the washing up. Little things can make somebody’s day.

2. Express gratitude

Rather than striving for what we don’t have, we do more good for our happiness by saying thanks for what we do have. Putting food scraps in your caddy is a simple way of expressing gratitude every day. You can feel good knowing you’ve done your bit for the environment.

3. Learn to bounce back

We all have periods of failure and stress in our lives. It’s how we respond to those situations that determines how we will cope in the future. It’s not easy but recent studies show that resilience can be learned over time. Confiding in a friend can help.

4. Notice the world around you

Go for a parkland stroll today. You may think you’ve seen it all before, but have you? Stop by the flower beds and note that the blooms are grown with compost made from your food scraps. The world is full of magical things just waiting for us to notice.

The infographic below explains why putting scraps in your food bin is good for yourself and others. It means the council have more money to put towards wonderful things that can boost your happiness like sports clubs and libraries.

4 Simple Habits For Happier Living

How can I improve my neighbourhood

Food waste

If your rubbish bin is overflowing with leftovers, vegetable peelings, and tea bags, why not put it on a diet? It’s easy to do. Recycling your food waste instead of putting it in the bin only takes a little effort and is an easy way to help protect the environment and save your local council money they can spend on local services.

What’s a cup of tea got to do with air quality?

Take action today!

We hope, you’ll share our passion for the environment and want to do something to give the planet a helping hand yourself. We want to inspire you to get curious about and get involved with actions that will be good for nature, our local habitats and species, for ourselves and ultimately for our planet.

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