About Us

MyNI allows government departments and other organisations to create and share content that will benefit people living in Northern Ireland.

By using digital marketing tools and techniques, MyNI aims to pro-actively alert and engage people with online information and services, by making it:

  1. Relevant for them to want to engage with the information and share it with others
  2. Easy for them to use public sector services and encourage others to use these services

It aims to ensure that people are getting correct and timely information about the environment, agriculture, health and other matters that are important to them.    

Here's a short video clip that will tell you very quickly what MyNI is.

Please tell us what you think and contact us

We would encourage you, your friends and family to engage with MyNI content on the site and on its social media channels. Please share it and give us feedback that will help us to make it better for you to use and to benefit from.

Please let us know what you think about the content. If you think something you have read or seen on the MyNI site or social media made you do something differently, or got you to think differently about anything, we would love to hear about that.

You should also read the MyNI Community Policy.

Contact Us       

If you would like to contact us about MyNI, please send us an email.

What others are saying about MyNI

Anthea Owens, Recycling, Education Officer in Fermanagh & Omagh District Council says:

‎"MyNI will be an exciting new channel for reminding people in Fermanagh and Omagh District Council why and how they can easily recycle their food waste. Especially at Christmas time and in the New Year, recycling food waste is so important."

Dr Ian Garner of Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) says:

"WRAP Northern Ireland is pleased to support MyNI as it creates a network of useful online information and engages householders to recycle unavoidable food waste through their kerbside recycling schemes".

Samuel McElheran, a dairy farmer in Stranocum says:

"MyNI will open up stronger lines of communication between me and DAERA, which will help us to work better together. I'm also looking forward to opening up our conversations with other farmers and dairy processors."