Marine Conservation and Disturbance

Marine Conservation and Disturbance

The waters around NI are full of a rich array of marine wildlife including dolphins, sharks, seals, jellyfish and much more. We have eleven species

WIN a National Trust Gift Voucher

WIN a National Trust Gift Voucher

For a chance to win a National Trust Gift Voucher, vote for the person who you think is doing a heroic job to help nature thrive in Northern Ireland. There are 10 candidates to choose from. Pick one by voting before midnight on Thursday 7 October 2021.

Source to Tap - Livestock fencing to exclude cattle from watercourse, limiting sediment

Nature 2030 Case Studies -Source to Tap

Source to Tap is an innovative, exciting, cross-border partnership project with the objective of developing sustainable solutions for the protection of rivers and lakes on the River Derg and River Erne, which are the main sources of our shared drinking water.

Raised bog

Nature 2030 Case Studies – Raised bog restoration

Most of the remaining raised bogs in Northern Ireland, even those in protected sites, are losing water through drains. Learn about the bog restoration actions Ulster Wildlife are taking with the aim of keeping bogs saturated, protecting biodiversity and ensuring carbon retention.

Nature Positive 2030 Report released

The Nature Positive 2030 Report sets out how the UK can meet its commitments in the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature, and ensure that nature’s recovery plays a critical role in our path to Net Zero.

photo of colourful pieces on plastic on sand , including little round nurdles

Mermaid’s tears – a tale of micro-plastics

Mermaid’s tears sound like they could be found in a children’s fairytale, but these micro-plastics otherwise known as nurdles, are far from good news if they make their way into the sea.

Let's break a world record!

Commit to take climate action and be part of the largest global effort to set the Guinness World Records Title for the most people pledging climate action in one month. Can we count you in too?