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How air pollution is affecting the environment

Air pollution is recognised as a major cause of biodiversity loss UK-wide affecting a range…

Time 4 min read · June 16, 2021
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Take a walk on the mind side

You don’t always have to leave home to benefit from nature as we’ve found a…

Time 2 min read · June 11, 2021
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Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland Consultation on Policy Options

Help shape Northern Ireland’s energy future

The Department for Economy wants to develop an energy future for Northern Ireland that puts…

Time 4 min read · June 11, 2021
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Terracycle East Belfast

by Susan Lambe Where it began. Terracycle East Belfast.  Where to start?  How about at…

Time 5 min read · June 09, 2021
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Woman enjoying nature - view from Redburn Country Park

Learn how incredible nature is at helping us manage our stress

The importance of nature for mental health has long been established, but it’s worth thinking…

Time 4 min read · June 07, 2021
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9 ways to live more sustainably in your daily life

9 ways to live more sustainably in your daily life

I used to believe living sustainably involved giving up the comforts and convenience of modern…

Time 6 min read · June 03, 2021
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