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Clear Home, Clear Mind

Time 2 min read · May 16, 2019

By Shirley Swift

Clear Home, Clear Mind

8 Tips for Getting Sorted and Feeling Good in 2019

1. Organise from the Get-Go

They say a Clear Home, Clear Mind, so by sorting out what your clearing out, giving away and recycling as much of your rubbish as possible, will make whole process more manageable and satisfying.

2. Get motivated, get orientated

Remind yourself of what you can put in your kerbside collections, and check out the guidelines for your local household recycling centre, especially for household electricals. You can recycle much more than you might think.

3. Bring on the Boxes

Set aside some boxes for sorting your stuff. Label them Keep, Fix, Give Away, Charity, Kerbside Waste, and Recycling Centre etc…

4. Pick one item a day

Pop it in one of your boxes to get rid of. Do this everyday for a month and see how it goes.

5. Pick one day per week or month

Use it to tackle a single room top to toe. Plan it in advance, and write it in your calendar. But don’t be afraid of being spontaneous! If you just find yourself in the mood for clearing some evening, go for it.

6. Get the radio on

It doesn’t matter what your station is, listening to the radio or podcasts is a great way to keep your mind entertained and your backside off the sofa while you get organised.

7. Take a break!

Get some air, take a walk, meet a friend, or go for a coffee. Getting stuck in the house all day can leave you feeling fed up. Use regular trips to your local recycling centre to get you out and about.

8. Sit back and enjoy

Clearing your home is one of the best ways to clear your mind, reduce stress, and help you relax day-to-day.

Find your local household recycling centre

It is now a council requirement across Northern Ireland that all waste brought to household recycling centres is separated and sorted into the correct recycling containers where appropriate. Disposal of recyclable items in waste/landfill skips is no longer permitted so don’t forget to sort before you make the trip.

Click the ‘Where’s yours?’ button below and find your nearest Household Recycling Centre.


Is this the last plastic straw?

Unfortunately we’re all getting so used to seeing the terrible images of plastic pollution around the world, that we’re almost becoming immune to them. Even statistics that tell us how EVERYDAY approx. 8 million tonnes of plastic finds its way into our oceans, have lost their ability to shock. That’s why we created #OneSmallThingMyNI to highlight some of the small everyday things you can do to reduce your use of plastic in the hope that together we can motivate and encourage others to reduce, reuse and recycle too.


Take action today!

We hope, you’ll share our passion for the environment and want to do something to give the planet a helping hand yourself. We want to inspire you to get curious about and get involved with actions that will be good for nature, our local habitats and species, for ourselves and ultimately for our planet.

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