How much CO2 can you save?

16 easy steps to reduce your carbon footprint

When it comes to saving the planet, we all need to take action. But did you know how easy it is to reduce your carbon pollution?

We’ve partnered with ‘Count Us In’ to show you how much impact small lifestyle changes can have. It’s easier than you think. For example, if I don’t buy any new clothes over the next 2 months I will reduce my carbon pollution by 11 kg. Imagine how much I could reduce my carbon pollution if I really made an effort.

Now that spring is here, could I ditch the car and walk more?
If I swapped 4 short car journeys of 1km each with walking, I would reduce my carbon pollution by a further 7 kg. Fitter, healthier and saving fuel. Reducing my carbon pollution is easier than it sounds.

We’re encouraging everyone to consider the 16 steps recommended by Count Us In. With the earth’s climate changing at an alarming pace, we need to act now to reduce our carbon footprint. Join MyNI and record the steps you are taking to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’ve already taken steps to reduce your carbon footprint, please record them anyway. Each of your pledges will be added to a counter that converts your small commitments into real-life carbon savings.

Take a step today

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