Spare The Air

Spare The Air

Air quality in Northern Ireland is generally better now than it has been at any time since before the Industrial Revolution. These improvements have been achieved through the introduction of legislation enforcing tighter controls on emissions of pollutants from key sources, notably industry, domestic combustion and transport. However, despite the improvements made, air pollution is still recognised as a risk to health, and many people are concerned about pollution in the air that they breathe.

What are the effects of air pollution on the human body?

Government statistics estimate that air pollution in the UK reduces the life expectancy of every person by an average of 7-8 months but what are the specific effects on the body.

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Do you know your Active Travel options?

Active travel just means making your journeys by more physically active means, like walking or cycling. Even by using buses or trains can help make us more active which is good for our health. Also by not using the car you’re helping to reduce congestion and lower air pollution.

Spare The Air
Road showing bike lane

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What fuel is best to burn at home?

On a cold winters day there is often nothing better than lighting the fire or stove. But did you know that heating appliances like wood burning stoves and open fires are a cause of air pollution? Don’t worry, with proper advice and use the impact of a wood burning stove can be reduced by up to 80%…

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Does climate change affect the weather?

Northern Ireland recorded it’s hottest day ever this summer. Extreme weather events, all around the world, are occurring with greater frequency. Can we make a connection between climate change and the weather?

6 ways you can help fight climate change

Addressing the global issue of climate change isn’t just the responsibility of governments, we can all play our part as individuals.

We will show you how to make small changes in your daily life that will collectively add up to reduce your carbon footprint.

technology to fight climate change

How technology can help fight climate change

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