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Inspire others with how you’re tackling climate change

There are many climate heroes in Northern Ireland and you could be one of them! We want you to share with us the stories of individuals, businesses, communities, farmers, families, councils, organisations who are helping to tackle climate change, with small or big actions to inspire others to join in.

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We’d like to publish your inspirational stories here on our website about the actions that you or others are taking to slow down climate change by cutting carbon emissions or helping to ease the pressures on Nature. You all deserve some appreciation and your stories will also help to influence others.

If you’ve been pushing the boat out, then please tell us about it, by emailing us a short description and a couple of photos or a video, if you have them. Or ask us to contact you. Email

If we get enough local climate heroes stories, we’ll ask the general public at the end of September 2021 to vote for their favourite.

Examples of local climate heroes

You might be a climate hero without even knowing it. Check out these examples of local people who are and let us know if you’ve earned the title, so we can inspire others with your story. Email it to or ask us to contact you.

Farmers going the extra mile

Brigid O’Neill is the County Down artist behind the song, ‘Turn and Face the Sun’ in the video below. It’s the inspiration for this short film looking at the actions being taken by the Northern Ireland farming community to help tackle climate change.

Brigid O’Neill is a singer-songwriter and the song ‘Turn and Face the Sun’ was written by herself and Grammy nominated Nashville writer, Thomm Jutz. 

Before becoming a full time musician, Brigid worked for over 20 years in nature conservation, so it’s particularly special to her to have one of her songs used to help get this really vital message across.

More recently Brigid has used her songs to deliver important messages, writing songs to highlight stories about our heritage, buildings at risk and the rise of domestic abuse during lockdown. Her two biggest passions in life have always been music and the environment.  She had this to say about the song:

Brigid O'Neill, singer and songwriter from County Down in Northern Ireland.
Brigid O’Neill, singer-songwriter from County Down in Northern Ireland.

“I am so delighted that ‘Turn and Face the Sun’ is being used in a very special video campaign to help raise awareness of important environmental issues, particularly climate change.

I have always believed that music and songs have a great power to inspire and create awareness, resonating differently with people and where they are in their lives – whether it’s to help them through difficult times, send out an important message or to help celebrate people and events that are truly special.  

I’m honoured that ‘Turn and Face the Sun’ is being used here to show joy and hope, and to encourage us all to take a few steps in life that will help nature and therefore help all of us – especially the next generation.  The sun is after all, our light in so many ways.  Congratulations to MyNI for producing this positive, hopeful video and capturing this concept so well.”

Other examples of local climate heroes

Grant for landowners to plant trees on their land

If you’ve planted lots of trees on your land, you’ve earned yourself the title, climate hero. We’d love to hear your story, so we can publish it to inspire others. Please email it to with a short description and a couple of photos or a video if you have any or ask us to contact you.

Opportunity to get a grant to plant lots of trees if you own some land that’s 0.20 hectares (half an acre) or more in Northern Ireland. Consider applying for a DAERA grant that covers all costs to plant a woodland or forest on your land. If eligible, you’ll also get an annual payment for 10 years. Farmers, private landowners or public sector organisations can apply.

See advice from those who’ve done it and find out more at grant to plant trees.

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