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Believe or not we’ve never had an Environment Strategy before…At least not one that’s just for Northern Ireland.

How we live and thrive today and in the future is reliant on having a sustainable and healthy environment.

We’re looking for ideas from you – what do you think our environment should look like? What we should be trying to achieve?

The new Environment Strategy needs to ...

…focus on results that make a difference to all our lives now and in the future.  Things like:

  • Climate Change
  • Natural Environment & Landscape

The natural environment includes everything that is not manmade.

  • Resource Efficiency

This means using resources (like water, timber, coal and oil) in a way that reduces harm to our environment as much as possible.

  • Marine Environment

The sea has lots of wildlife and habitats – it is about one third of our natural environment.

  • Environmental Quality (Air, Water and Neighbourhood)

Environmental quality is about how the environment affects human beings and other living things.

  • Fisheries and Aquaculture

Inland and sea fishing, and farming of fish, shellfish and plants that grow in water. DAERA also protects fish stocks.

  • Built environment

This is the part of our surroundings built by humans, including buildings and human-made spaces, like parks, roads and railways.

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Use the form below to send us your ideas for Northern Ireland’s new Environment Strategy. We promise to read and consider every idea you send us. 

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