My Day In Cuppas… By Pamela Ballantine

How do you start the day?

I always start the day with a breakfast of fresh fruit and a bowl of oat bran or a piece of toast. I also have a glass of water with a Vitamin C tablet.

If you could sit anywhere and enjoy a cup of tea where would it be?

On a sun-filled balcony overlooking the sea or on my settee in front of a fire looking out at the garden.

Did you know you could put teabags in your kitchen caddy?

Yes – and I do!

Who do you like chatting to over tea?

I like to meet friends in a café for a catch-up but usually it’s just me with a cup of tea in front of the telly. I love dramas such as Grantchester and I’m a fan of soaps.

What do you like doing to switch off?

I love a good walk beside the sea. I have always loved the sea and find it very therapeutic in all its powerful forms.

What do you like to dunk in your tea?

I’m not a big biscuit eater but occasionally I like to dunk a ginger nut in my tea!

How do you wind up your day?

Usually clearing emails and paperwork. I don’t like clutter. I love getting eight hours of sleep a night but it doesn’t happen that often!

Pamela is just one of many people in Northern Ireland who enjoy a good cuppa. Discover the reasons why we love tea.


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