Getting the most out of your local Household Recycling Centre

You local council has a number of Household Recycling Centres (HRCs). Most can recycle paper, glass and plastics (just like your kerbside service) but you can take much more than that to your local HRC...

This campaign is supported by the Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

Neil from Belfast City Council wants you to S.O.R.T before you head to the HRC

♻️ Sort your items at home into the different recycling types.

♻️ Organise items in your car to speed things up at the HRC.

♻️ Recycle your items in the correct containers. You can no longer use the general waste/landfill skips. All waste must be separated.

♻️ Talk to the Recycling Operatives (like Neil ?) if you have any questions about recycling.

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Find Your Local Household Recycling Centre

Wherever you live in Northern Ireland there will be a council Household Recycling Centre near you. Find yours on our map.

What Can You Take to the Local HRC?

Far more household objects than you might have imagined can find a new lease of life at a Household Recycling Centre. Take a look at some of our articles below:

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What does your local council collect and recycle...

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