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Government Services Are Going Online

Time 2 min read · August 01, 2019

By Shirley Swift

Go On NI online

Government Services Are Going Online

More and more of our public and government services are either already available online or soon will be.  It won’t be long before the majority of citizen interactions with government will be done via the net.

Why move online?

Moving services online saves the government money, makes the services more convenient for us (24/7, 365 availability) and often means we get what we need faster. 


For those of us with access to the the right devices (smartphones, iPads etc), internet access and the confidence and knowledge to take advantage there can feel like there’s no downside to these changes. But what if you’ve never been on the internet, used a computer before or have other accessibility issues? Many people need support to engage in the digital world and that is where Go On NI comes in. 

Go On NI provides free access to a range of digital learning courses to help people of all ages and abilities go online for the first time, improve their digital skills and show them more about making the most of their smartphone and tablet devices.

Find Out More about Go ON NI with nidirect

If you or someone you know is new to computers and the internet or perhaps wants to continue learning, Go ON NI is a great place to start.  You can find up to date information on courses and events, training guides and much more on the Go ON NI pages on nidirect. Click the button below to find out more.

Find Out More

Finding Government Services Online


Ever heard of nidirect? It’s a government website designed to make it easier for all of us in Northern Ireland to access government information and services, for example:

nidirect works with all of the Northern Ireland government departments and other public bodies to bring together important information on a wide range of subjects. The best bit being that you don’t need to understand how government is structured or which department or body is responsible. All you need to do is search 🔎


GOV.UK is the website for the UK government. It’s similar to nidirect and contains:

  • information and services for citizens
  • guidance for professionals
  • information on government policy

You can also find the following online services via the GOV.UK site:


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