Health & Wellbeing

We all know the importance of looking after ourselves. But did you know that looking after yourself can benefit our natual world? And that any improvements to our natural world can in turn benefit our health? In these articles we take a look at how our health and wellbeing connects us all to nature.

How air pollution is affecting the environment

Air pollution is recognised as a major cause of biodiversity loss UK-wide affecting a range of habitats and species, including at sensitive, protected sites. Learn how air pollution is affecting these sites in Northern Ireland and how it’s being managed.

AMR Awareness Week

AMR Awareness Week

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) occurs when bacteria are no longer killed by an antibiotic. These bacteria have now become resistant to antibiotics. Often when a bacterium

It’s estimated that 400,000 people in Northern Ireland are living with some form of persistent pain (also known as chronic pain). We’re sharing resources and stories below designed to inform everyone about pain management practices. 

Managing your Pain at Work

Managing Pain at Work

Managing pain at work by setting up your workspace, talk to your boss and getting an assessment of your desk area.