• Living with Fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia is often referred to as an invisible illness. The pain and chronic fatigue are not always obvious to others but they are all too real and distressing. In this short video, people talk...
  • Resources to manage pain well

    This page contains lists of useful books, online content and other resources that can help you manage pain well. Bookmark this page and check back for updates.
  • 10 Ways To Stop Chronic Pain From Taking Over Your Life

    Welcome to the second of our weekly articles in May, in which we ask women in Northern Ireland with chronic pain to share the self-care tips that help them to cope. Here are their latest suggestions.
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  • What is the Pain Toolkit?

    Persistent pain is difficult to understand and manage on a daily basis. Pete Moore, a pain sufferer himself, developed the Pain Toolkit to provide you with tips, skills and information to support you...
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    This is an easy to follow video about long-term persistent pain. It will help you understand what the current research is saying about chronic pain.
  • Managing pain at work

    The challenges of work and the social interactions it brings can often help distract you from your pain. Unfortunately, that pain can also stop you working effectively. Here are some tips on managing...
  • Managing Pain - Jay's Story

    Jay Flood Coleman suffered two brain haemorrhages in the early 1990s, losing a quarter of his brain and 50% of the function of his body. He has spent many years since trying to rebuild both. Here he...
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    We asked women in Northern Ireland living with chronic pain to tell us what they would like people to know about their daily lives.