Household Recycling Centre Map


There are over 90 Household Recycling Centres in Northern Ireland…Find you local HRC on our map.

Recycling Symbols – What do they all mean?


The on-pack recycling label (or OPRL) Look out for the following labels which appear on all sorts of packaging – from soft drink cans to bread bags and plastic toiletry bottles. They will tell you whether the packaging is likely to be collected for recycling or if you can take it to your local recycling […]

Mr Northern Ireland: “Recycling Is About Taking Pride In The Work Our Councils Do!”


1. Why should recycling matter to us in Northern Ireland? Recycling in Northern Ireland is as much about saving our planet and our wonderful countryside as it is about community and pride in the good work the local councils put in with the services they offer [MyNI: find out more about council recycling services here]. […]

Things Around the Home You Didn’t Know You Can Recycle


Bathroom Recycling There are lots of items in the bathroom waiting to be recycled: Toothpaste boxes – flatten the boxes Toilet roll tubes – flatten the tubes Plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles – empty and rinse items, replace lids and tops Shower gel containers – empty and rinse items, replace lids and tops Liquid soap […]

Clear Home, Clear Mind


8 Tips for Getting Sorted and Feeling Good in 2019 1. Organise from the Get-Go Sorting out what your clearing out, giving away and recycling as much of your rubbish as possible, will make whole process more manageable and satisfying. 2. Get motivated, get orientated Remind yourself of what you can put in your kerbside […]

Not sure what goes in what bin?


The App Map Bin-ovationIf you live in any of the 7 council areas listed below you can use the Bin-ovation App:Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough CouncilArds & North Down Borough CouncilBelfast City CouncilDerry City & Strabane District CouncilFermanagh & Omagh District CouncilMid and East Antrim Borough CouncilMid Ulster District CouncilIt’s free to download from the App Store […]

Downsizing? 5 Essentials for an Easier Move


Downsizing can give you the gifts of new freedom and a new lease of life. But it can be exhausting and it’s emotional.You can’t take everything with you to your new home and as the strains of moving pile up. Organising and clearing out everything you own seems like an impossible task.We’re here to help.Take […]

Improve your student life by… recycling!


Bet you never thought that recycling could help improve your student life! Read on to find out how…1. What’s that smell…???What’s the worst thing about student housing?For a lot of people, the answer is the smell.Mostly, that’s the smell of bloated bin bags and old food.But your food caddy is there to help.Keeping food waste […]

New Home? 7 Tips for Starting Out Right


Reduce, Recycle and Simplify Your Move Seriously excited? Or seriously stressed? While moving into your new home is an amazing adventure, it’s also full of fusses and faffs and inner conflicts. Believe it or not, here’s where reducing and recycling can help you on your way…Here are some ideas: Wrap with newspapers Swap plastic or […]

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”


Yes, we’ve all heard the phrase, but how many of us think about it when we’re getting rid of unwanted items?Whether you’re clearing out because you watched the latest Marie Kondo episode, having a general spring clean, or getting ready for redecorating or moving house, have you given much thought to where all your unwanted […]