Clear Home, Clear Mind

8 Tips for Getting Sorted and Feeling Good this Spring

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    Bet you never thought that recycling could help improve your student life! Read on to find out how...
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    Is your old tablet slowing down and becoming cumbersome to use? Here's 15 ways you can repurpose that old tablet into something more useful.
  • Clear Home, Clear Mind

    Decluttering your home can really improve your well-being. Now is the season for a traditional Spring-clean, but starting is the hardest part. So here are 8 tips for getting sorted and feeling good...
  • Recycling Beyond the Kerb

    Do you ever wonder about taking a step beyond the kerb with your recycling? There’s a whole world of easy, guilt-free recycling beyond your kerb at your local household recycling centre.
  • Downsizing? 5 Essentials for an Easier Move

    Downsizing can give you a new lease of life and more freedom. But it can also be exhausting and emotional. Organising and clearing out everything you own probably seems like an impossible task. We're...
  • "One man's trash is another man's treasure"

    Yes, we've all heard the phrase, but how many of us think about it when we're getting rid of unwanted items?
  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Easily Recycle

    Far more household objects than you might have imagined can find a new lease of life at your local recycling centre. Here are a few examples:
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    Household Recycling Centres

    Wherever you live in Northern Ireland there should be a local council Household Recycling Centres near you. Find yours on our map.