Mr Northern Ireland: “Recycling Is About Taking Pride In The Work Our Councils Do!”

1. Why should recycling matter to us in Northern Ireland?

Recycling in Northern Ireland is as much about saving our planet and our wonderful countryside as it is about community and pride in the good work the local councils put in with the services they offer [MyNI: find out more about council recycling services here]. We take our food caddy as a given now and we see recycling bins outside the houses of our neighbours, showing that we’re all doing our bit.

2. What motivates you to recycle?

As a country boy from Ballymena, I always associate home as the green fields that surround us. You always know when you’re flying over Northern Ireland because of the green rectangles below! So, for me, it is taking pride in the countryside and helping out our wildlife. Nothing bugs me more than when you see litter which is clearly from cars.

3. What are your top tips for recycling more at home?

I keep my food caddy below my sink so there’s never an excuse not to use it for food scraps. [MyNI: For more tips on using your food caddy, watch our short video here].

4. What extra thing do you plan to do to keep it green in 2018?

I have a coffee machine at work and have been known to wash my used coffee grounds down the sink. But I’ll make sure these are added to my caddy from now on!

5. How do you make recycling easy?

Speak to your local council if you need a food caddy [MyNI: find out how to order a food caddy here]. We got one sent down to us very quickly when we needed one. Also, I put plastic water bottles in my car and wait until I get home before disposing of them. That way I can recycle them.

6. Did you know recycled food is turned into compost to grow flowers in Northern Ireland’s parks?

I didn’t know this. Before we got our caddy we had a makeshift compost heap in the cow field next door! Portglenone Forest in Coleraine is a favourite of mine and my dogs. We just had the bluebell bloom recently and it was stunning!

Are you recycling your old junk?

Visit the Recycling Locator, pop in your postcode and find a place near you that’ll take your junk off your hands.