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How to install apps on your phone or tablet

Time 2 min read · September 25, 2019

By David Carlisle

How to install apps on your phone or tablet


How to install apps on your phone or tablet is simple. The process for installing apps on your device is basically the same, no matter which device you have. It is likely that you will either have the Play Store (Android), App Store (iPhones/iPads) or Amazon (Fire Tablets). 

1. Locate the icon of your app store on your device.

2. Open the app store.

  • You’ll now have access to thousands of free and paid for apps.
  • Which ones you want to install depends on what you might want to do.
  • The app stores are all divided into categories e.g. games, productivity, entertainment etc.
  • Each of the stores will also have a search option.

3. Find the app you want to install.

Simply type in the name of the app for example ‘met office weather app’ and search.

A list of apps will be returned.  

4. Install the app

I’m going to install ‘Met Office Weather Forecast’.
To do this I need to tap on the name.

If it’s free you should see a ‘get’ or ‘install’ button. Tap on that to download and install the app. The app installation process will be similar to the picture below:

When the app is installed you’ll see two options: ‘uninstall’ and ‘open’.

Not all apps are free, so you may have to purchase your chosen app. To do so, you will need to register a credit/debit card with the app store (either Apple, Google or Amazon).

Once installed you will see the app on your device.

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