9 Reasons To Choose Northern Ireland For Your First Graduate Job

Graduation day

Congrats, you’ve recently graduated! The world is your oyster! But what's next? Staying away or coming back home to Northern Ireland? Here are nine reasons to come home that you may not have thought about when you left for Uni.


NI has lots of NEW big name employers

Graduated but you are still not sure what to do? Assured Skills Academies offer you training that guarantees job interviews and will give you the skills for your next step. Big companies like Deloitte and FinTrU are running Skills Academies for graduates. 85% of those that successfully complete an Academy end up with a full-time job If you have a 2:2 (or above) in any subject, you can apply.

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Factor in that living expenses are low in Northern Ireland, and your pay will go further.

Northern Ireland has become one of the best value places to live compared to a lot of cities in England and Scotland. And sometimes we forget that the lifestyle is worth a lot too. Your bills will be lower which will inspire you to save for something BIG like a car, a house – or an epic trip around the world with your mates!


A decent place to rent doesn’t cost a fortune.

Did you know the average cost of rent in London is around three times as much as in Belfast? In one year, you could spend over £18,000 on rent compared to £6,000 in Belfast. Imagine all the money you’ll save if you move back.

house keyring with key and message "For Rent"


And owning a home is actually achievable!

The average cost of a starter home in Northern Ireland is £160,000 compared to £220,000 in England and Scotland. In Belfast, the average deposit for a first-time buyer is £16,500 which is hard to save but doesn’t automatically mean depriving yourself of avocado toast and lattes.

Image of houses in Belfast.


You can probably pay your student debt off before you’re 45.

If you’re from Northern Ireland but went to an English university, you probably have loans averaging around £32,000. In Northern Ireland, you can pay off those Student loans without shaving your social life down to the minimum.

coins piled up with a graduate cap on top to represent student debt


And you might find tech's top companies are battling to employ you!

Belfast has become the go-to place for Cloud Computing – but you don’t need to be a total techie to start your career. With 18,000 roles in ICT predicted, companies are on the lookout for grads with degrees in all disciplines. Keen to get your foot in the door?

Why not apply to the Deloitte Cloud Academy by 3rd August.

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You can rekindle old friendships.

Move home and you’ll make new friends at work and in your social life. But there’s no pressure because your old friends will be around too. They’ll probably only live 15 minutes away. And your friends will get your Norn Iron humour.


There are vibrant outdoor festivals to rival London.

Music festivals have long been a part of Northern Ireland’s culture (another reason to love living there). Or if you want to get in on the most diverse festival in Northern Ireland, go to Belfast Mela in August. The world is on your doorstep. Have a look at what’s on.

crowd of people at an outdoor music concert


So here's to you, Northern Ireland. May we always be proud to come back!

Leaving home is scary and it may be what you needed to do as a student. But if you come back to live in Northern Ireland, you’ll always be welcomed with open arms! It'll feel familiar and easy, like you never left. The craic is mighty. It’s worth moving back for that reason alone.


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