Things that stress people out when getting their first job

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You’ve finished your degree, and now it is out into the world of work. Are you deciding what to do for the rest of your life, or for the next three years?

It is a difficult time but don’t worry, you can change, to shift employment paths if you realise that there is something else you want to do. What you need is to get on the ladder and get experience. With the Assured Skills Academy you’ll be helped onto the first rung.


The Interview?

Interviews are part of the process of getting a job. You should always remember that employers are not out to trick you or put you on the spot, they want you to do well. Research interview techniques watch videos, ask people for advice. Check out the company and the people who work there online and on Linkedin.

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The knowledge - do I know how to do the job?

To quote a recent US Vice President, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Work experience may have given you an idea of what work is like, but actually going to work, being given responsibility and being held to account by managers can be daunting. Every little helps, and if you can get insights to work, take them. Training, placements, internships and whatever else is available.

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The people - what are they going to be like?

Meeting new people can be easy for some and stressful for others. Just take a minute and remember that all the people in work were in the same boat as you when they started. Work is a great place to make new friends and start a fresh part of your social life. Just give it a little time and you will soon be one of the gang.

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Where am I going to be located?

Are you going where the work is, or are you looking for a job where you are based? It can be difficult to move for work, you may be leaving all the people that you met at Uni or know from home behind, but the job is worth it. Modern communications make it easier and bring friends and family closer. Simple things like going for a walk, being close to the sea, sports and gym facilities can make a difference to your lifestyle.

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Getting into work is a huge milestone in your life. One way of testing the job scene in Northern Ireland is to apply for an Assured Skills Academy. Lasting 6 to 12 weeks, it is a great way to up-skill for work, and 85% of those that successfully complete the courses get a job.

Assured Skills Training Programme

11 July, 2018

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