13 to 15 Years Old? Time to get your Tractor Driving Certificate.

Young people and instructor standing in front of a green tractor

The school holidays are around the corner, and many young members of the family will be helping out with the day to day tasks on the farm. Working with, and around agricultural vehicles, implements and trailers it's important for everyone to be safe.

Tractor Driving Courses

Young person driving a tractorFrom the age of 13 years, you must get a certificate of competence in tractor driving to operate agricultural vehicles on the farm.

The legislation on vehicle licensing for young teenagers - The Agriculture (Safety of Children and Young Persons) Regulation (Northern Ireland) 2006 and Approved Codes of Practice (ACoP) - addresses the risks to young people from agricultural activities, and in particular those from agricultural machinery and hazards found in and around the farmyard.

During July and August CAFRE are running the very popular 13 to 15 years old courses at our Greenmount Campus (Antrim), Loughry Campus (Cookstown) and Enniskillen Campus (Enniskillen).

CAFRE provide a range of tractors and equipment to give young people an unrivalled student experience. Experienced instructors guide young people through the training and assessment process.

Tractor Driving Courses

These courses are available on the CAFRE. If you have any queries, call our the CAFRE short course admin team on 028 9442 6880.

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