4 Things You Don’t Have To Throw Away This Festive Season

4 Things You Don’t Have To Throw Away

Three quarters of us in Northern Ireland struggle to eat the food we buy at Christmas. Here's how to waste less of your merry munchies.

Did you know? 

Two million turkeys and enough mince pies to fill an Olympic swimming pool one and a quarter times are binned every year across the UK.

We want 2017 to be part of a new culture at Christmas ensuring that people have a great time without causing excess food to be thrown in the rubbish bin and sent to landfill. 

Check our infographic below to discover four tiny things that will make big things happen if you pop them in your food caddy. Remember, even the littlest food items can be turned into something delicious, like vegetables on your dinner plate.

Don’t let this Christmas be a wasteful one!


Tuck into our feast of restaurant recipes, friendly food tips and myth busters throughout Christmas and see how easy it is to improve your food recycling habits and still enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

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