6 Clever Ways To Save Money And Waste Less This Christmas

Smart Christmas Food Recycling

Christmas often leaves us with a lot of food waste. Here's our guide to making sure it all ends up in the right place.

Between stockpiling enough mince pies to feed an army of unannounced visitors and general pressure to spend, we tend to go to town at Christmas and buy way more than we need. In fact, our bins overflow with 30% more waste at Christmas. The good news is that if you get organised it will make recycling your food much easier over the festive season. Here’s our guide:



Kit yourself out with a caddy

All you need to do is contact your council and they’ll send you one for free. You can scrape nearly all your leftovers into it (except the Christmas pud penny!) If it constantly overflows the run-up to Christmas is a good time to buy an extra one.


Gather green food bags

​​​​​​It might not be the first thing you think to do in the pre-Christmas rush but you’ll kick yourself if you run out before New Year. Contact your council today to get a new roll free of charge.


 Embrace smart apps

Kerbside collections may change at Christmas but there are a few apps that will help you keep track of that on your smartphone. Which means you can settle down to watch It’s A Wonderful Life without fretting about bin times. The Binovation app and Binformation app are good places to start.


During the Festivities



Fight turkey fatigue.

​​​​​​Do you end up so tired of the turkey after Christmas that you chuck it in the bin? Pop the turkey carcass and bones in your caddy or transform your leftovers into something tasty using our top-notch cooking tips from Michelin-starred chef Danni Barry. The Asian turkey broth is a great winter warmer.


Dinner table TLC

On Boxing Day night, start the first aid early by passing around a Round Robin green bag and asking guests to toss in small items like pistachio shells and lemon slices from their G&Ts. If you're unsure of what to put in it, check our tips on what to feed your caddy. Coax guests to muck in with the promise of a Christmas tipple once the mess is cleared.


After Christmas



Resolve to recycle

You might feel you have this festive food recycling thing in the bag now. But food recycling is for life, not just for Christmas, and helps to improve your community - did you know the scraps in your food bin are taken away to be transformed into a beautiful flower or delicious vegetables? Yes, it really is a wonderful life.

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