Derry Girls Actress Diona Doherty Is Supporting Our #OneMoreThing Recycling Challenge

Diona Doherty

#OneMoreThing aims to get everyone in Northern Ireland doing a bit more to boost their recycling. We’re delighted that Derry Girls and Give My Head Peace actress Diona Doherty is backing us!


In your view why should we care about protecting the Northern Ireland environment?

With so much of our beautiful landscape being built on, it’s important to protect the green areas we have left - they're our legacy after all. We’re lucky to have such gorgeous scenery in this country and we should preserve that for our future generations to enjoy. As a vegetarian, I always try to be compassionate not only for the animals but also for the environment. 



Which beauty spot in Northern Ireland would you like to preserve for future generations and why?

Newcastle is definitely one of my favourite places to visit in Northern Ireland on a day off. My husband [comedian Sean Hegarty] and I like to hike up Slieve Donard from time to time. The view from the top is unforgettable. I’d hate for this area of natural beauty to ever be compromised. It's very special. 


Do you have a recycling routine at home/work?

Recycling has become part of our daily routine at home - but it did take a while for it to become second nature. Now we do small things every day including reusing our ‘bags for life’, shopping in a smart way and meal planning. If I'm on set, I always ask to be served with a plate rather than with those polystyrene boxes that are common with catering companies. 


What #OneMoreThing do you pledge to do to recycle more in June?

I’ll admit that I’m terrible at remembering that I can recycle my teabags! That is definitely my pledge for the #OneMoreThing campaign. As notorious tea drinkers, imagine if the whole country did that?


Did you know recycled food is turned into compost to grow flowers in Northern Ireland's parks?

I love Belfast's Botanic Gardens and spent a lot of time there as a student when studying at Queen's. What a brilliant way to turn waste into something much prettier and more useful!

Want to turn your cuppa into compost?

After dunking the bag in your cup of tea, simply pop it in your food caddy and when your recycling is collected, the council will turn it into something useful, like compost to grow flowers in your local park. Click below for help with ordering a caddy from your local council.

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