Gift your bin this Christmas!

2 children opening presents beside the christmas tree

Each Christmas about 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown out. A lot of that waste can be recycled but there are certain types of wrapping paper that aren't suitable.

There’s always a big black bin liner in most houses on Christmas Day, which makes its grand entrance into the living room after all the presents have been opened.

Hands scoop up small mounds of wrapping paper, envelopes, ribbons, packaging, bows (and even the occasional present or two) as it’s passed along. Once filled, off it goes to the ‘big bin’ and everyone breathes a sigh a relief that the living room is relatively tidy again.

Then the big bin gets picked up by the bin lorry and all of that wrapping paper will most likely be thrown into landfill, where it will outlast all of the gifts you bought.

If you already recycle your wrapping paper and/or save some for the next Christmas, great! But, did you know, that only some types of wrapping paper are suitable for recycling?

Have a look at our guide below before throwing out your used wrapping paper:



Wait! Before you put the recyclable paper into your recycling bin, make sure to remove any tags, bows, ribbons and sticky tape as they can’t be recycled.

Now, time to put your feet up, grab a mince pie and enjoy your gifts.

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