Make a Habit, Make a Change - Beating Plastics is Easier than you Think

series of 4 images, reusable coffee cups, water bottles, cutlery and shopping bag

Habits, we all have them, some are positive and some are negative. Sometimes we recognise the need to change our habits. But it can take as much effort to make a new habit as it does to break an old one.

Some of our habits revolve around the things we always carry, those objects that we can't leave the house without. Take your mobile phone for example – where would you be without it? It’s a habit to bring it with you, and one that makes your life much easier. Most of us don’t even have to think about sticking it in our pocket before we go. It’s easy to forget that there was a time when you didn’t.

Combatting plastic is about making and breaking habits too. We could all make a huge difference to plastic pollution, improve our health and environment at the same time by making a habit of bringing just a few items with us when we leave the house.

Think of these as your essentials, your forever-aid-kit.

1.       Reusable Coffee Mug

2.       Reusable Water Bottle

3.       A couple of pieces of reusable cutlery

4.       Reusable shopping bag/tote

You can make a change by making a habit ?

What do you think?