Our grass is greener - and it’s part of our lives.

A view from Dundrum Castle ruins. Situated above the town of Dundrum, County Down in Northern Ireland.

We talk about the weather. A lot. It rains here. A lot. But perhaps we should take a moment to consider the benefit of all that rain. We have some of the best and greenest grass in the world. So we thought it would be good to point out how grass impacts on our lives.


Dairy Farming

Our dairy farms produce great milk, with the cattle grazing on luscious grass for around eight months of the year. The green grass is munched as the cows wander the fields.


Beef Farming

Beef from our farms is renowned for the quality, and a lot of that comes from the land having such good grass growing for the cows to eat.


Travelling Through the Countryside

The going to and fro to places is so enjoyable when the grass is growing, as you are surrounded by green fields and hedges, flowers and animals. It is the farmers that do a lot of the work to keep our countryside so tidy.



If you have a garden, then you will know how quickly our grass grows as it will soon be time to get the mower out once a week or so. A lot of people enjoy mowing the grass and spending time making their lawn look special.


Parks and Recreation

We are never too far away from a park, and the grass attracts all sorts of activities from sunbathing (here’s hoping) to children playing. A walk on grass is so much nicer than on concrete.


Seaside Landscapes

While we all love the beach, the surrounding grassland is also part of the enjoyment.


The Views

Our landscapes are colourful and a joy to observe, and a lot of that has to do with the natural greenery of the grass and plants.

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