Recycling Beyond the Kerb

Recyling at Home

House iconBy now, you’re used to keeping different bins in your house for different kerbside collections. Recycling - TICK, food waste - TICK.

And you’re familiar with the rules of what you can and can’t throw into each of the colourful containers.

But what about the rest of your rubbish? The bit and bobs that don’t fit the bill for kerbside collections? Are they simply doomed to landfill?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Household Recycling Centres

binIt might be tempting to chuck everything you can’t find a place for into a black bin bag, muttering a guilty goodbye forever.

But there’s a whole world of easy, guilt-free recycling beyond your kerb at your local household recycling centre.

You can recycle far more of your household items at your local household recycling centre than you realise. Batteries, aerosols, CDs, mattresses, clothes, ink cartridges, paint, hard plastics, engine oil, toasters, hairdryers, washing machines, fridges, mobile phones, TVs - to name a few!

So a trip to the household recycling centre is well worth the adventure to beat the black-bin-bloat.

Find your local household recycling centre

It is now a council requirement across Northern Ireland that all waste brought to household recycling centres is separated and sorted into the correct recycling containers where appropriate. Disposal of recyclable items in waste/landfill skips is no longer permitted so don't forget to sort before you make the trip.

Click the 'Where's yours?' button below and find your nearest Household Recycling Centre.

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Getting the most out of your local Household Recycling Centre

You local council has a number of Household Recycling Centres (HRCs). Most can recycle paper, glass and plastics (just like your kerbside service) but you can take much more than that to your local HRC...