This Story Will Make You Bloom With Pride

Beautiful blooms

Many of us enjoy the beauty of a flower in bloom, but did you know you can tend to buds in your local park from the comfort of your home, no matter where you live in Northern Ireland?


This is a healthy flower that has been nourished in soil containing nutrient-rich compost.

You might think that creating compost is only for diehard recyclers - but think again. Those who aren’t naturally green-fingered (even those who have been known to murder the odd house plant!) can easily get involved in nourishing the soil in their neighbourhood.

Simply contact your council and order a caddy for free then toss in banana peels, coffee grounds and food scraps from meal prep – things you normally would’ve thrown in the bin.

Once your caddy is full, empty it in the food bin. It will be collected and turned into compost by Natural World Products (NWP) to be spread in local parks to help flowers to flourish.

Just think - your food scraps could be used to help prepare Sir Thomas And Lady Dixon Park for Rose Week in the summer or to beautify community parks across Northern Ireland. Isn’t that insanely satisfying?


Natural World Products estimate that around 25-30 % of what we throw away is food scraps which could be composted instead – and kept out of landfills where it takes up space and releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Click here to discover a full list of items the council say you can put in your food caddy.

So, growing a beautiful flower without getting your hands dirty is easy thanks to your little food bin. It’s magical.

Discover how your food scraps can also be turned into organic fertiliser to grow vegetables or energy.

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