What types of plastic bottle can I recycle?

a plastic bottle being put into a recycling bin

More and more people are recycling but we still only recycle 58% of our plastic bottles – that's a 42% gap. If you are already recycling some of the plastic you buy - thank-you! Now let's take the next step by finding out what else you can recycle.

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All clear and coloured plastic bottles from around the home

Plastic bottles containing chemicals (e.g. anti-freeze)

Detergent and soap bottles (minus the pump)

Anything that is NOT a plastic bottle

Cleaning product bottles (e.g. bathroom cleaners, bleach) (Triggers can be left on)


Skincare product bottles             

Shampoo and shower gel bottles  
Fizzy and non-fizzy drinks and water bottles  
Milk bottles  

Ready-to-use plant food and pesticides bottles (check the label)


Remember, if its plastic and bottle shaped its recyclable including all those from the bathroom like shampoo and bleach bottles.

Want to Recycle more plastic bottles?

Check what types of plastic you can recycle at home using the Binovation or Binformation Apps.

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