Would You Want A Smart Kitchen?

Smartphne user checking their shopping list in front of the fridge

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to transform home kitchens across Northern Ireland in intriguing ways. But will it lead us to food heaven or hell?

We’re happy to admit that you will always find us in the kitchen at parties… so we can snoop around and see what fancy hi tech gadgets people have!

Smart fridges

How smart does a fridge have to be we hear you say? Keeps things cold, job done. Not quite. The latest models come with internal cameras connected to smartphones. That way you can check what’s in your fridge from the supermarket so you don’t overbuy. The giant touchscreen plays music and orders shopping when you’re running low. Sounds like kitchen bliss if you ask us! But will the novelty wear off?

Fridge cams

A fridge cam lets you look in your fridge while you’re out via a smartphone app. Some of the more advanced models claim they can recognise items of food and spot expiry dates. They can alert you to the fact that your ready meal is about to go off so you can gobble it up that night. Could these cams be a solution to the out-of-date food that gets lost at the back of your fridge? Perhaps – these gadgets are clever and cost-effective.

Food waste recycler bin

Recycling your food waste to stop it going to landfill is crucial. A food waste recycler bin will convert your food scraps into compost in your kitchen. It can handle up to a week’s worth of stuff – including small foods like egg shells - which you can use as compost or let your local council collect and turn into flowersvegetables or energy. It’s a great way to protect the planet.

What we want to know is, are less hi-tech solutions such as keeping a caddy nearby more effective? We would love to hear your views so send us a tweet @MyNILife and tell us what you think.

What do you think?