What is the Pain Toolkit?

man sitting on the edge of his bed, in pain, holding his head and stomach

Persistent pain is difficult to understand and manage on a daily basis. Pete Moore, a pain sufferer himself, developed the Pain Toolkit to provide you with tips, skills and information to support you in managing your pain.

Pete describes his story as typical of most pain patients. He was looking for the magic bullet to take away the pain and wasn't taking care of himself as well as he could hoping that his doctor could fix his problems. He finally found his way into a Pain Management Programme that helped him and provided him with a toolkit of skills to self-manage his pain. Having had some success in the pain management programme. Pete developed the Pain Toolkit to share tips and skills to support others in managing their pain. Pete himself says that it's not the last word in pain self-management but it's a great place to get started. Watch Pete explain the Pain Toolkit and how it can work for you:


The Pain Toolkit

Is pain self management your first choice, or last resort? The Pain Toolkit by author Pete Moore, helps people all over the world self manage persistent pain.

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