Take a look at some great reasons for buying an ecar

Running costs are 80% less than a petrol or diesel car, so the same journeys will cost you significantly less. If you want to enjoy these benefits and more - then an e-car could be the one for you!

Still wondering whether you should make the switch to electric?

an ecar chargingIf you are put off because you don’t think an e-car will suit your lifestyle then you could be missing out. There are plenty of benefits from saving money to saving the planet. In Northern Ireland, we already have an extensive charging infrastructure so owning an e-car is now easier than ever.

They’re quiet, emission-free and surprisingly quick with a smooth drive make them perfect for the city. They also don’t take as long to charge as you think. Charging at home takes around 6-7 hours and can be done overnight - there are also grants available for home charge point installation.

A public charge can take between 1-6 hours at a fast charge point or as little as 20 minutes at a rapid charge point. Perfect if you need to run errands or just go for a coffee. Plus you can enjoy free parking while you charge. You can even charge while you work and workplace installation grants are also available.

Buying an ecar

If you're thinking of buying an electric car check out ecarni.com where you can find six steps to guide you through the process.

14 May, 2018

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