MyNI influencing positive action

MyNI is introducing some action that we can all take in the coming weeks and months under the campaign banner #myEco2020.

During this challenging period of the COVID-19 lockdown, we are proposing small, but very effective actions that we can take in and around our homes, gardens and neighbourhoods.  Please take a look at what you can do and encourage your families, friends and work colleagues to do the same – and reap the benefits!

We're focusing first on the following 3 themes:

We’ll be using our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels to make you aware of some timely issues around these themes and more importantly, some great information and help on offer and the small things that we can all do to make our lives better, particularly at this time.

We’re thinking especially about those of you who are retired, as well as mums, dads and their children, all now having to live and work at home in lockdown. 

We want to help you find positive or valuable information that you maybe wouldn’t have time for during ‘normal’ times.   We hope you find this helpful and please remember to share any of our posts and content with others you care for. 

Meanwhile, all of us in the MyNI team hope you stay safe and stay positive at home.

Biodiversity in Nature and our Mental Health

Get into nature at home and see and feel the benefits

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Tips on how to grow your own and become more sustainable

Anthony works full time in construction but spends his time at home showing his young ‘apprentices’ how they can grow anything they can put in their salad bowls!

Louise Mackey

Bringing biodiversity to a Bangor community garden

Louise Mackey from Bangor has transformed a neglected site where she lives into a colourful and insect friendly community garden. This was made possible by her success in receiving grants from Live Here Love Here’s Small Grant Scheme for 2 years running.

Charming kid exploring nature with magnifying glass. Little boy looking at tree with magnifier. Summer activity for inquisitive child

How nature can help kids' mental health

Spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature can have a positive impact on kids' mental health. Being wild and free in nature is lots of fun, but can also help build confidence and fuel creativity and imagination.

Food Waste recycling & composting

Discover the how-tos and the benefits of food waste recycling & composting

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International Compost Awareness Week

As many gardeners know composting is a great way to turn food and garden waste back into plant food. It’s also great for the environment adding nutrients to soil, reducing the need for chemical fertilisers, producing helpful bacteria that break down organic waste and cut greenhouse gas emissions from landfill sites.


5 things you need to know about food

Jilly Dougan is a well known “Edible Gardener” from County Armagh. She believes passionately that everyone, especially children, know where their food comes from. In this article she gives us 5 things we need to know about our food.


How healthy are you really?

From spuds to sprouts, lots of vegetables are grown on Northern Ireland’s farms. Each has its own health benefits to offer but there are some that top the list when it comes to boosting our bodies.

Air Quality and our health

Find out the importance of air quality and what we can all do

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Air Quality - Spare The Air

Do you know your active travel options?

Active travel just means making your journeys by more physically active means, like walking or cycling. Even using public transport can make us more active which is good for our health. Also by not using the car you are helping to reduce congestion and lower air pollution.

Air Quality - Spare The Air

What are the effects of air pollution on the human body?

Government statistics estimate that air pollution in the UK reduces the life expectancy of every person by an average of 7-8 months but what are the specific effects on the body


What's a cup of tea got to do with air quality?

You know the drill: it usually involves a kettle, a mug, a tea bag, a spoon and varying degrees of milk and sugar. It doesn’t take long but what's it got to do with the quality of our air?