MyNI Community Policy

    Moderation (Comments/Questions/Queries)

    We hope that you will find our content interesting, thought provoking, but most importantly useful.  We welcome feedback, ideas and engagement from all our readers and will try to join the conversation where possible, and where it is right to do so. 

    When you do comment this policy sets out our obligations.

    As a broad guide, any comments received will be published or responded to as soon as possible.

    Our responses will be conversational, but professional. There might come a time when we need to address a comment on another channel i.e. our response might be better suited to an email or we can direct you to a webpage.

    When a comments is made that requires action on our part, we aim to do the following:

    • Timeliness – We will aim to reply quickly (inside 48 hours if possible and quicker if the comment is particularly time sensitive). 
    • We don't intend to stifle discussion – It is appropriate to publish both positive and negative comments and, if you feel that additional information or correction is needed you can and should add this publicly. 
    • Be fair – It is not always possible to judge tone from textual comments so please try to be fair even if you are correcting a criticism or misconception. 
    • Length – Twitter has a limit of 280 characters. If we need to publish a longer response this can be done by way of email, a link to the website or another social media presence if appropriate. 
    • Measurement – As community engagement can be customer service, we may need to record certain interactions. These will be anonymised and no personal data will be collected. An example of this would be: we responded to 31 queries on twitter. Our response rate was within the stated timeframe. This data could also be used to feed into FAQs i.e. a customer query asking how to complete a form led to a new how to help guide. 

    What we want you to do

    • By all means be lively but also remain constructive and respectful.
    • No post should incite hatred on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, age or sexuality or other personal characteristic.
    • No swearing please. No use of hate-speech or obscene or vulgar comments.
    • Don’t break the law. This includes libel, condoning illegal activity and contempt of court.
    • No ‘spamming’, or advertising/promotion of products or services.
    • Don’t impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or organisation.
    • Please don’t post private contact details (addresses, phone numbers, email addresses etc).
    • Stay on-topic. Random posts about unrelated topics will be removed.
    • Please keep it brief. Comments should be no longer than 250 words.

    Should we feel a comment or post contravenes these 'rules of engagement' it will be removed.

    Health / Pain Management Content

    The MyNI pain management content is designed to provide general advice and information on health issues relating to pain management. We can’t respond to individual health-related queries or provide personalised advice, so we would suggest you contact your GP. 

    Freedom of Information

    The law states that members of the public can make Freedom of Information (FOI) requests via social media. You do not need to expressly state that you are requesting information under FOI. However, if we feel that your request should be dealt with under FOI we will refer it on your behalf. This will ensure you receive an appropriate answer as outlined in the legislation. 

    Further details on our FOI procedure and contact details can be found here:

    Data Protection

    As a general rule, we don't retain your data unless you expressly give it to us e.g. you subscribe to an email newsletter. For information on how we use data please read our privacy policy

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