Moderation (Comments/Questions/Queries)

We hope that you will find our content interesting, thought-provoking, but most importantly useful. We welcome feedback, ideas and engagement from all our readers and will try to join the conversation where possible, and where it is right to do so. When you do comment this policy sets out our obligations. As a broad guide, any comments received will be published or responded to as soon as possible. Our responses will be conversational, but professional. There might come a time when we need to address a comment on another channel i.e. our response might be better suited to an email or we can direct you to a webpage. When a comment is made that requires action on our part, we aim to do the following:

What we want you to do:

 Should we feel a comment or post contravenes these ‘rules of engagement’ it will be removed. 

Freedom of Information

The law states that members of the public can make Freedom of Information (FOI) requests via social media. You do not need to expressly state that you are requesting information under FOI. However, if we feel that your request should be dealt with under FOI we will refer it on your behalf. This will ensure you receive an appropriate answer as outlined in the legislation.  Further details on our FOI procedure and contact details can be found here: In addition to the MyNI facebook page and our website, we are active on the following social media accounts: