- Your public services connecting with you

As a citizen, every government department can impact on your life in many ways, from health to travel, the environment to work and much more.

MyNI has been set up to make you aware of and to connect you with the public information and services that are there for you. It aims to help you understand how public services work, to give you some ideas to make your lives better and to let you know what is being done on your behalf.

MyNI is all about you and is for you, using your language, video, infographics and photos that are straightforward and don’t get too heavy with government jargon. It is currently at the testing stage as we learn what you like, and find useful.

We are starting with three main topics, recycling, pain management, and agriculture.

Let us know what you think, you can comment at the bottom of this article, or any of the other pages on the site. You can also tell us some of your own hints and ideas in any of the topic areas. And share some content with your family and friends, so that they too can tell us what they think.

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28 March, 2018

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