Visit Castle Archdale Country Park

Visit Castle Archdale Country Park

Get Into Nature and visit Castle Archdale Country Park, which is open daily and is free to enter and park.

Whilst visiting Castle Archdale Country Park here’s what to look out for

Take a peek at some of the beautiful scenes you will find at Castle Archdale Country Park

Castle Archdale Country Park Facilities

  • Free Entry
  • The park is free to all members of the public.
  • Free Parking
  • There is free parking and eCar charging points at Castle Archdale Country Park. Disabled parking is also available in the Courtyard.
  • Tea Rooms and Picnic Areas
  • Walk off your lunch or bring supplies for the family. The park has plenty of seating areas to accommodate your picnic.
  • Open Spaces
  • The park offers plenty of open space for your dogs to exercise and play in. Dogs are allowed and should be kept under control at all time. Please clean up after your dog.
  • Toilet Block
  • Public toilet facilities are available in the main courtyard of the old Archdale House. The toilet block is open every day during normal park opening hours.
  • Baby Changing facilities
  • Baby Changing facilities are available in the main courtyard of the old Archdale House.
  • Visitors Centre
  • The Countryside Centre & WWII Exhibition is open on Sundays between 12 noon & 4pm.
  • Wheelchair available
  • Wheelchair available from Courtyard Office.
  • What to do at Castle Archdale Country Park

Tea room

Enjoy a delicious tray bake or a slice of cake with your tea or coffee. 


There are various walks through the Park. 

A popular short walk (2.2 mile) combines the natural beauty of the park with evidence of its role as a vital flying-boat station in the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II.

Insect Garden

Castle Archdale Country Park has its own dedicated ‘Insect Garden’. The plants and flowers have been specially chosen to encourage insects and butterflies to visit.

What will you see? 

World War II Flying Boat Base

At one time, Castle Archdale Country Park was in the front line of the Battle of the Atlantic. This base helped keep the Atlantic free of U-boats. The Heritage Trail was devised by the Fermanagh Flying Boat Association to give a brief idea of the extent of the park during the Second World War.

Shetland Dock

Originally intended for the servicing of Shetland Flying Boats, this dock built in 1945 is believed to be the only one of its type surviving in the world.

Burma Road

This roadway affectionately named the ‘Burma Road’ was cut through dense forest and gave access to isolated ammunition and pyro stores.

How to get to Castle Archdale Country Park

346 Killadeas Road
County Fermanagh
BT94 1PP

Contact us

Phone: 028 6634 4803

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