Managing Your Pain

Chronic pain affects almost one in four people across Northern Ireland. Local Health and Social Care Board figures estimate that 400,000 people are living with some form of persistent pain.

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Chronic Pain

Professor Tamar Pincus (Royal Holloway University of London) gives her interpretation of her research on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for chronic pain.

It took me a long time to understand that acceptance was not the same as giving up or losing hope...I’ve come to see it as a conscious decision to completely engage with life, including pain...’

Resources to Manage Pain Well

Useful Websites
This site provides information from people with health problems like pain for people with pain or health conditions.
Popular site where Pete Moore shares the Paintoolkit and 12 tools to self-manage pain.
Mindfulness approaches to dealing with persistent pain.


Airing pain from Pain Concern
Airing Pain is the online radio programme and podcast from Pain Concern.

Pain Toolkit Podcast
Pete Moore’s podcasts are short and easy to digest especially if you are struggling with chronic pain.

Online Help and Downloads

Explaining pain
Understand more about your persistent pain and how it affects your life.

Ten Footsteps – Your journey to living well with pain 
Learning how to manage your pain is a journey. Like any journey, it takes time and everyone’s experience is different.

Sleep well with pain
This leaflet from draws on recent research and offers ideas and techniques that people with pain have found helpful.

Support Groups


Living with Persistent Pain

The following articles provide information that may be of use to people living with chronic or persistent pain.

Watch 📺 – Living with Fibromyalgia

The experience of diagnosis and living with fibromyalgia. Living with Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia is often referred to as an invisible illness. The pain and chronic fatigue

What is the Pain Toolkit?

Persistent pain is difficult to understand and manage on a daily basis. Pete Moore, a pain sufferer himself, developed the Pain Toolkit to provide you

How Healthy Are You Really?

Why? Well, if you regularly scrape your leftovers into your caddy the chances are you helped to grow those vegetables. That’s right – the food

How to Sleep Well With Pain

Why can’t I sleep? It’s very common to find that poor sleep makes your pain seem worse. You can find yourself in a vicious cycle

Pacing for Pain Management

Living with persistent pain is a daily challenge. Sometimes even standing up can be painful. Starting to get active can be difficult, but here are


Managing Pain – Jay’s Story

Jay Flood Coleman suffered two brain haemorrhages in the early 1990s, losing a quarter of his brain and 50% of the function of his body.


Managing Pain at Work

Set-up your work-space Talk to your boss and get an assessment of your desk area. The assessment can point out ways to make you more


Download The Pain Toolkit Today

Persistent pain is difficult to understand and manage on a daily basis. Pete Moore’s Pain Toolkit can provide you with tips, skills and information to support you in managing your pain.