Reuse and Recycle

Making the most out of everything we use by reusing it, perhaps in ways it wasn't originally designed for, can help to reduce our impact on the environment. In this campaign we look at the different ways we can reuse all kinds of everyday items...

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  • sock puppets

    3 Easy Peasy Crafts for Keeping the Kids Busy

    Running low on ways to keep little hands busy? These great craft activities let you put scrap that is hard to recycle to good use with cheap, environmentally-friendly fun...

  • clothes rails

    Donate or Recycle? Here's how to decide...

    Donating unwanted belongings to charity is one way they can be put to great RE-USE. But donations that can't be used often end up in landfill causing damage to the environment. When you’re thinking about donating, ask yourself these questions...

  • a line of terracycle recycling boxes

    From Crisp Packets to New Shoes; Recycling the Unrecyclable

    A new recycling scheme is being trialed by the Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs (DAERA) in one of their buildings in Belfast - Terracycling.

  • welly boots as flower pots

    5 Reasons to be a Re-User

    If you own something that's no use to you anymore, that doesn't mean you have to dump it. Get into the habit of asking 'how could I use this again?' and you can save money and add something special to your life...

  • clothes pile

    Old Clothes Mounting Up?

    There are lots of ways to get rid of your unwanted clothes and textiles in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Check out our list of 6 options below:

  • fridge

    My Life as a Fridge

    "The life story of a fridge" or "How I learned to stop worrying and love the Household Recycling Centre"...
    by Finn Fridge...

  • thinking

    Where Can I Find Things to Repurpose?

    Did you know that there is a community of people out there who are giving away free stuff?

  • Kids clothes

    3 Fun Ways to Re-purpose Your Kids' Old Clothes Almost Instantly.

    Kids will be kids. They grow like weeds, spill food, jump in muddy puddles, fall over, climb trees and generally have a brilliant time getting mucked up to the eyeballs without a care in the world.

  • Use an iPad as a kitchen TV

    15 Ways to Repurpose an Old Tablet

    Is your old tablet slowing down and becoming cumbersome to use? Here's 15 ways you can repurpose that old tablet into something more useful.