3 Easy Peasy Crafts for Keeping the Kids Busy

1. Mosaic


Bits and bobs of broken crockery lying around?

Then, good news, you’re all set for a mosaic!

All your wee ones need to get stuck into this age-old craft is…

  1. The old crockery
  2. Some craft glue
  3. A hard surface to stick pieces to (an old picture frame or a piece of plyboard is ideal)

An adult needs to break the crockery into manageable peices for little hands. And be wary of sharp pieces (no glass!).

You can be flexible, but just make sure the glue you are using will stick to the surface you choose.

Get Googling for some inspiration.

⭐TOP TIP: Any old scratched CDs or DVDs hanging around? Snap them up into pieces and your little artists can add a bit of mirrory pizzazz to their masterpieces.

2. Sock Puppets

socksOne of the oldest crafty projects in the book, Sock Puppets are still hard to beat in the cheap-and-fun department.

Everyone has the odd sock or two (or ten…) lying around.

All your kiddy needs to transform them into a cute new friend is

  1. The sock
  2. Some fabric glue
  3. A few bits and bobs for decorating – buttons, pompoms, scraps of material, or just a permanent marker

AND they can easily be made seasonal…

Why not try an Easter bunny?

⭐TOP TIP: Make sure you’ve washed the sock before crafting!

3. Coffee Cup Planters

coffee-cupEven if you try and avoid using disposable coffee cups, sometimes convenience overrules…

But if you hang onto them rather than chucking them out, they can be put to good use rather than ending up in landfill…

This little project is perfect for Spring.

Lots of plants grow better when they’re allowed to start from seed indoors rather than in the garden, and a disposable coffee cup is the perfect size for this little job.

You and your kids could plant herbs, or beans, or flowers… there are lots of options.

A quick internet search will give you some detailed guidance on your preference.

In general, all you will need is…

  1. Rinsed disposable coffee cups
  2. A little bit of soil, compost and water

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