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5 Reasons to be a Re-User

If you own something that’s no use to you anymore, that doesn’t mean you have to dump it. Get into the habit of asking ‘how could I use this again?’ and you can save money and add something special to your life…

1. Re-use = Repair

Think it’s a waste of time to get something repaired, that you could buy a new one for almost the same price? It’s easy to think this way in out throw-away society, but it isn’t always true…

Before you throw something out, ask your friends and family or a local repair person and find out if it’s worth fixing. The solution might be simple, like changing the fuse in a plug.

Remember, even if a cheap replacement might not cost much, it might not last as long as good repair-job on something better quality.

2. Learn a New Skill

tools iconTry your hand at fixing something yourself and you could save money AND learn a new skill that you can use again and again.

There’s nothing more satisfying.

You can find loads of free help-guides online. And look out for Repair Cafes and community DIY projects in your area.

(Stay safe!)


3. Add a Personal Touch

If something can’t be fixed, it doesn’t mean it can’t be RE-USED.

‘Upcycling’ is a great way to add some personality to your home or garden without spending money.

And getting creative is great for your mental health!

Get out the paint and revamp some furniture, or turn a cracked bowl into a quirky flower pot…

You can find loads of inspiration online.

4. Share and Save

Donating unwanted belongings to places and people who need them is a great way to REUSE by sharing what you own…

… AND have you ever thought about shared ownership?

How many of your objects and tools do you only use once in a blue moon? Tools? Sports equipment?

You could share the cost of buying AND repairing with someone else.

Next time you’re thinking of making a purchase just think: Who do I know that could use one of these too?

Then see if you can come to an arrangement that means less waste for everyone.

5. Feel Good

Our throw-away culture may be convenient, but it’s taking its toll…

It’s bad for our world, and it’s bad for our well-being.

By RE-USING something you stop it becoming waste.

This way, you can get rid of your guilt AND feel more connected to the things you own and use.

Remember that if something can’t be RE-USED, it can probably be RECYCLED. Find your local recycling centre below to find out how, and MAKE THE CONNECTION.

If you can't re-use, recycle... Find your local recycling centre now!

If you can’t find a good way to re-use something, bring it down to you local recycling centre. Most household items can be disposed of safely and put to new use here. There are even places to donate clothing and books in lots of centres!

Use our map to find out about your nearest Recycling Centre.

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