Get Into Nature
Enjoy and appreciate the many beautiful sites and landscapes around us in Northern Ireland. Find out how to prepare for a day out in nature, discover hidden gems, stay safe and protect the environment....
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Getting Online with Go ON NI
Go ON NI free courses help everyone and anyone find the confidence, learn the skills, and get the right help to access the internet and benefit from being part of the digital world.
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What you need to know about
Food Waste Recycling
Recycling your food waste instead of putting it in the bin only takes a little effort and is an easy way to help protect the environment and save your local council money they can spend on local services.
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Do "One Small Thing" to reduce
Single-Use Plastic
We’re getting so used to seeing the terrible images of plastic pollution around the world, that we’re almost immune to them. We created our One Small Thing campaign to highlight some of the small everyday things we can all do to reduce our use of plastic and motivate and encourage others to join us.
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