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Why Getting Into Nature Could Be The Best Medicine

Time 3 min read · September 19, 2019

Getting into Nature forest
Get Into Nature

Boys looking out to nature

Why Getting Into Nature Is so Important

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.

Nature could be the best medicine a recent survey published on shows, by spending just 2 hours each week in green spaces like country parks, woodlands, city or town parks, could be enough to have a real impact on our mental and physical well being.

Getting into nature

Two people walking through a forest together

How nature can help relieve stress, anxiety and depression

Mind UK suggest ecotherapy as a tool to help manage your mental health.

Don’t worry, Ecotherapy isn’t complicated. It just means spending time in green spaces and/or bringing nature into your everyday life. The benefits include:

  • improving your mood
  • reducing feelings of stress
  • helping you take time out and feel more relaxed
  • improving your physical health by helping you be more active

The science behind states that time spent in green spaces reduces the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol while boosting endorphins and dopamine production promoting happiness.

Child white boarding in nature

Child white boarding and getting into nature

Nature could improved concentration and focus

If you work in an office or spend a lot of your time sitting at a desk working at a computer you may occasionally suffer from “mental fatigue”.  Taking time out of your day to be outside – taking a walk in green spaces like a country park or even a city park, (Parks and Open Spaces in Belfast), it can have have a restorative effect. You’ll feel brighter and less tired and that in turn will improve your concentration and focus as well as helping with your physical well being.

How nature could be the best medicine

Getting into nature doesn’t have to be hard work. There are lots of simple ways you can start to spend some quality time in nature.

  1. Visit A Country Park
  2. Visit your local Park – Download List of Green Flag Award Winners 2019
  3. Try Forest bathing (it’s a real thing!)
  4. Join a walking club. have lists of clubs across NI as well maps and other useful resources.
Inspire leaflet

Get into nature Inspire leaflet


Lifeline phone number

Lifeline phone number

Lifeline is the Northern Ireland crisis response helpline service for people who are experiencing distress or despair. 

People living in Northern Ireland can call Lifeline on 0808 808 8000. Deaf and hard of hearing Textphone users can call Lifeline on 18001 0808 808 8000.

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